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Easter Egg Magic

Eggs have been used in magical practices across cultures for thousands of years. They are a symbol of fertility and also a powerful symbol of protection because of their hard outer shell.

Decorating eggs is a long-standing Easter tradition and with this magical spell, those colorful Easter Eggs that you create will help manifest your desires..

You Will Need:

Hard boiled eggs

Easter egg dye

A wax crayon

Use the crayon to write words of intention, sigils, or magical symbols onto your eggs before dying them. When coloring the eggs, choose the color that works hand in hand with your intention. (See the brief color chart below)

When you are done coloring and setting them out to dry, repeat the following incantation:

At this magical time of year

Wishes are heard both loud and clear

With these eggs it’s my intent

To use them as an implement

That carries my wishes to the destination

Where requests are honored without hesitation

So Mote It Be

When you're ready to dispose of your eggs, you can save the shells and grind them into powder and you can use that to protect your home by sprinkling it around the border of your property.

Color Meanings:

Red: Passion, Love, Anger.

Orange: Energy, Happiness, Vitality.

Yellow: Happiness, Hope, Deceit.

Green: New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature.

Blue: Calm, Responsible, Sadness.

Purple: Creativity, Royalty, Wealth.

Black: Mystery, Elegance, Evil.

Gray: Moody, Conservative, Formality.

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