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Stirring The Cauldron

    with Marla Brooks

Thursdays 9:00 pm et -

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Featured Show Of the Week

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Start a conversation with ancient wisdom . . .
In our everyday mundane life, stress creates fear, anxiety, and doubt that leaves us depleted yet still desperately searching beyond the corporeal for deeper meaning in our lives. Now the daring seeker on a journey of authenticity, self-discovery, and healing can deep-dive into the unknown with this ancient divination technique of bone-and-curio casting. This 46-card set of captivating and original watercolor and ink artwork symbols acts as a bridge between the worlds of the seen and unseen, providing you the vital creative tools needed to access personal, hidden truths and shadow work as well as gain access to information and traditional knowledge from the spirit realm. The accompanying book offers insight and guidance through a short work of fiction for each card, advice for upright as well as reversed cards, and reflection questions. The deck also includes an introduction to the art of casting and its worldwide historical significance, as well as many spreads and occult tables to equip you for reading quickly and effectively. Find your path to internal illumination and commune with the divine, inside and out.

Recent Archived Shows

Here are just a few of the recently archived shows. If you click on any of these, you will be taken to the Podomatic podcast page. You can also go to the show's YouTube Channel, Stirring The Cauldron Para X,  where you will find many, many more.

Past Guests Include...

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Upcoming Shows

March 30-Starr Casas-Hoodoo Herbal

April 6-Salicrow-Spirit Speaker

April 13- TBA

April 20- TBA

April 27-Chris Young & Susan Ottaviano-The Green Witch's Guide


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