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Spell of the Week


There are lots of practical uses for magick spells in our lives, and they don't requite ritualistic pomp and circumstance, apothacary drawers full of eye of newt or even a magic wand. You don't have to be a card carrying, broom riding, cauldron stirring witch either. A little practical knowledge, common sense and good intentions is all it takes to cast a successful spell.


Each week I'll be posting a spell from  my  Spell Books., Workplace Spells, Animal Spells And Magick,  and some new spells I'm creating for my upcoming grimoire that will be released in the Fall of 2024. They are simple yet effective spells that are easy to do with just a few practical ingredients or tools that you probably already have around the house, or easy to find.


I learned early on that magick affects the world around you, so be very careful what you ask for.  None of my spells are crafted to do harm to anyone, but they do get the job done. Intent is the key to make a spell work. Visualize what you want, and cast the spell knowing that it is going to work.  Any doubt in your mind and it won't work, so  "Wish honestly, then conjure boldly."

The Spell of the Week Is

 Enchanting Your Jewelry

Enchanting your jewelry just means that you are going to infuse it with magical energy for a specific purpose. Depending on  what you want it for, you can turn your jewelry pieces into amulets, charms or talismans. Keep in mind on what your intentions are and consider that each gemstone, metal, and sacred symbol will have their meaning.

You Will Need


A piece of jewelry

White Candle

Find a quiet place and light the candle then choose the power that you want the jewelry to acquire. Hold the jewelry in your hands, focus on your intention and pour your energy into it.

Hold on for a moment or two, then repeat the following incantation:


Enchanted object that I hold, allow your magic to unfold

Feel the energy settling in. From now on we play to win

With my energy we will pursue the intentions that I give to you

So Mote It Be


Hold on to the piece of jewelry close to your heart for a few more moments, then blow out the candle. 

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