Spell of the Week


There are lots of practical uses for magick spells in our everyday lives and they don't require ritualistic pomp and circumstance, apothecary drawers full of eye of newt and hummingbird's tongue, or even a magic wand.  You don't have to be a card carrying, broom riding, cauldron stirring witch either. A little practical knowledge, common sense and good intentions is all it takes to cast a successful spell.


Each week I'll be posting a spell from one of my two Spell Books., Workplace Spells, Animal Spells And Magick and some new  spells as well. They are simple yet effective spells that are easy to do with just a few practical ingredients or tools that you probably already have around the house, or easy to find.


I learned early on that magick affects the world around you, so be very careful what you ask for.  None of my spells are crafted to do harm to anyone, but they do get the job done. Intent is the key to make a spell work. Visualize what you want, and cast the spell knowing that it is going to work.  Any doubt in your mind and it won't work, so  "Wish honestly, then conjure boldly."

The Spell For This Week Is...

"Honor Your Ancestors Candle"

We  have the power to connect with our ancestors and this is the time of the year to remember and honor those who have gone before.  We are here because of them and we carry a physical and spiritual DNA that is woven into the fabric of who we are. Strengthen your connection to them by creating a candle in their honor.  Burn it daily between now and All Hallows Eve. 


You Will Need:

One white candle (Large Votives,  Pillars or, if you wish to use an LED candle instead, that will work as well.)

Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender or Sandalwood essential oil or incense.

A pen with blue ink  

A piece of parchment paper 

Pictures of the ancestors (Optional)


Write the name of the ancestors in particular who you wish to honor on the paper and then add, “And all of those who have gone before.” 


Anoint the candle with the oils or light the incense, and place the parchment with the name underneath the candle.  If you have photos, place them around the candle.  Light the candle and recite this prayer:

“As the veil between our worlds has thinned, I call upon those who have come before, both those I knew and those long gone.  Your blood runs through my veins, your spirit fills my heart and you will always be forever in my soul.  You live within me, and will never be forgotten. With this light, I honor your memory.”

So Mote It Be

 Burn the candle daily or, if it’s an LED candle,  keep it lit all the time.