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Spell Of The Week

There are lots of practical uses for magick spells in our everyday lives and they don't require ritualistic pomp and circumstance, apothecary drawers full of eye of newt and hummingbird's tongue, or even a magic wand.  You don't have to be a card carrying, broom riding, cauldron stirring witch either. A little practical knowledge, common sense and good intentions is all it takes to cast a successful spell.


Each week I'll be posting a spell from  my  Spell Books., Workplace Spells, Animal Spells And Magick,  and some new spells I create. They are simple yet effective spells that are easy to do with just a few practical ingredients or tools that you probably already have around the house, or easy to find.


I learned early on that magick affects the world around you, so be very careful what you ask for.  None of my spells are crafted to do harm to anyone, but they do get the job done. Intent is the key to make a spell work. Visualize what you want, and cast the spell knowing that it is going to work.  Any doubt in your mind and it won't work, so  "Wish honestly, then conjure boldly."

Sweep Negativity Away


You don’t need to use a witch’s besom to sweep away negative energy. Any kind of broom will do. The difference is that the besom will sweep the air and the broom will sweep the floor.


You will need:


A broom

Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin or copal incense.


Open the doors and windows so the negative energy has an outlet. Sweep all around each room and when you are doing that, recite the following incantation:


As I sweep around the room, I dissipate all the doom and gloom

I send it back to where it came, and peacefulness I do reclaim 

So Mote It Be


When you’re done sweeping, light the incense in each room to make sure the negativity tries to sneak back in.

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