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Books By Marla Brooks

Coming on October 1, 2024

Magick For All Seasons:
A Grimoire For The Wheel of the Year



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Soul Connection:
A Deadly Obsession

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A Bad Case of the Collywobbles

Available in Paperback and Kindle Formats
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Workplace Spells:
Everyday Magick on the Job 


Sometimes good intentions aren’t good enough and we need a little help to make it though the workday. Some people pray, others put their noses to the grindstone. Now you can take a different path and resolve workplace issues in a magickal way. This special spell book is an easy-to-follow guide to 51 spells, ritual explanations, and cautions covering pesky, job-related hurdles. Get a raise or promotion, hold “thy” tongue, gather inspiration, melt away stress, or just make “them” leave you alone! You can do it! Magick can help!

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Animal Spells and Magick by Marla Brooks


We love our pets and want the best for them. Sometimes a little magick works wonders—and you don’t need a magick wand or a cauldron to make wonderful things happen. Read this easy-to-use guide to learn and perform over two dozen timely and sometimes necessary spells to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe.


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Ghosts of Hollywood:
The Show Still Goes on

ISBN-13: 978-0764328831

Hollywood has meant many things to many people throughout its illustrious history, but nowadays, Tinseltown is best known for the three G’s-Glitz, Glamour, and Ghosts. Read about the celebrity apparitions who touch visitors at the Hollywood Wax Museum with ghostly hands; the phantom bartender at the elegant Yamashiro Restaurant who startles diners; the lively spirits at The Formosa Café who drink right along with the customers. You won’t want to miss Montgomery Clift’s bugle call at The Hollywood Roosevelt ; Janis Joplin’s presence at the Highland Gardens Hotel; Bela Lugosi’s daily visit to the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine; and the final resting place for dozens of Hollywood luminaries at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Ghosts of Hollywood II:
Talking to Spirits by Marla Brooks


Talking To Spirits: The ghostly residents of Hollywood are not shy about talking to us from the other side, especially those who want to set the record straight about how they passed from this life into the next! During séances conducted at Hollywood locations, spirits come forth, denying accidental deaths, naming murderers, and chit-chatting for fun. Hear what Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Harry Truman, and Jim Morrison, among others, have to say from beyond. Visit haunted houses, banks, cemeteries, restaurants, and more, as you learn that spirits in Hollywood still have a thing or two to say! Includes accounts from the original “Ghost Hunter,” Hans Holzer, Psychic to the Stars, Kenny Kingston, psychic medium David Wells, as well as psychics Victoria Gross and Michael J. Kouri, and paranormal investigators Richard Senate and Robert Wlodarski.​

Ghosts of Hollywood III
by Marla Brooks

ISBN13: 9780764332012

Hollywood teams with famous ghosts! Take a spirited tour of the most haunted studios, hotels, homes, and graveyards. Visit the house where the ghost of actor Gary Cooper continues to smoke cigarettes that others smell. At Chasen’s, the hottest Hollywood restaurant of its day, now a grocery store, stars continue to dine rather than shop for food. Go ghost hunting at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s poolside cabana where a grisly specter appears to guests with his throat slit. Lucy’s ghost is still selling Vitametavegamin on her old set at the Ren-Mar Studios and Desi’s haunts his old office there. Read messages that Hollywood’s greatest legends left on their tombstones. See the Hollywood sites where many of the rich and famous lived, died, and refuse to leave.

The American Family on Television

By Marla Brooks

ISBN-13: 9780786420742


This broadcast history covers more than 100 television families, from the Goldbergs to the Osbournes, who have provided entertainment and inspiration for the American public since 1949. An introduction to the cultural trends and social developments of each decade is provided prior to a summary of the significant series of that decade. Each series entry includes a description of the family, the date of the show's first and last broadcast, the broadcasting network, the day and time aired, and the cast of characters.

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