Readings and Consultations

Yearly Tarot/Oracle Deck Readings

Forewarned is forearmed, and knowing what's in store for you in the months to come is great information to have on hand because if you see something coming up that you don't like, you have plenty of time to make the necessary corrections to avoid it.  This comprehensive reading involves issues regarding health, finances, family, relationships,  obstacles you may be facing,  and information on how to manage  all that The Universe has in store for you.   The Yearly Reading is done with both Tarot and The Witch's Oracle deck and will be delivered to you via e-mail.


Tarot/Oracle Deck Readings by Skype/Phone

If you would prefer a one-on-one personal reading  pertaining  to the near future in general as opposed to the full year ahead, or have a specific issue you would like to address instead,  this is a good option.  


           1 hour $100                                                           1/2 hour  $50

Some people want to  get right to the point, so if you have one quick  question that you need an answer for,  we can do that as well.

15 minutes $25 


After payment is made, I will contact you to schedule an appointment for a Skype or phone reading, so please don't forget to add your contact information when making the payment and please specify

either reading or consultation as well.


Metaphysical Consultations

If you have any questions or need advice about witchcraft,

spell crafting  or are in search of  information about

 meditation, spirituality, psychic matters or  finding your

path, I'd be happy to help any way I can.

Prices for consultations on phone or Skype 

are the same as readings, so use those buttons above for

payment depending on how long you would like

your consultation to be.

Thank You and Blessed Be