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Creating A Personal Pentagram of Intent

Earlier today I was thinking about the symbolism of the pentagram.

Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the ancients.

Earth: Represents stability and physical endurance

Fire: Represents courage and daring

Water: Represents emotions and intuition

Air: Represents intelligence and the arts

Spirit: Represents the All and the Divine

In all cases, the star is encircled by a wheel, representing the continual flow of life, or energy. The number five has always been regarded as mystical and magical and is attributed to the influence of Mars. Some think of the five pointed star within the circle as force or power contained and controlled by divine wisdom.

When used in ritual, Pentagrams are drawn to set a witch’s protection, positive power and are used to control the elements. Commonly drawn in the air with a wand or athame, the starting point varies from tradition to tradition and according to uses or intent. The important part is that the star and circle are drawn in one continuous motion and never broken.

The pentagram is an ancient symbol with many different meanings and has long been believed to be a potent protection against evil; a symbol that shields the wearer and the home. The symbol is also frequently used as a sigil, which is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.

I always wear a pentagram, but I had a thought about utilizing the pentagram in an even more personal way. It’s the belief in the power of the pentagram and the intent put into creating it that gives it power, so I got to thinking about being able to take the essence of the pentagram and add another layer to it, creating a personalized a pentagram of intent which would allow us to work with to acquire the things that we need and want in our lives.

To create your personalized pentagram, first be aware of and respectful to the original elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. Then add the five elements that you have chosen as being important to you. For example:

There are no hard rules for creating your pentagram. Make it as complex or simple as you like. You can draw it on a piece of paper or craft one out of whatever materials you wish. In a pinch, you can even grab your athame, wand or even use your index finger to draw it in the air, calling out the five points you’ve chosen.

If you chose to make it tangible, the pentagram must be charged and activated.

The easiest way is to hold it in your hand and charge it with your energy. Close your eyes and visualize sending energy down your arms to your hands and out from your fingertips into the pentagram. There are various methods to activate it. Some people believe that by burning or ripping the paper the it’s drawn on, or breaking the tangible form you made in order to destroy it, you are sending it out into the Universe, which will cause it to manifest quicker. You can also carve the symbol into a candle and allow the candle burn down, gently bang a meditative gong, or ring a prayer or altar bell. Don’t be afraid to use your own preferred method of charging and activating, if you have one, if that is what you prefer.

After your pentacle has been charged and activated, keep it on your altar or somewhere it won’t be disturbed. You can make more than one, if need be. Some people’s needs are greater than others, but don’t worry. One pentacle will not cancel out the other.

Some pentacles will be made specifically to be ongoing for months or even years, while others might be for short term use. Once they are activated, they will work indefinitely. When the time should come that your personal pentagram has served it’s purpose, you must can release its energies and neutralize it. You can do this by closing your eyes and imagining it as a bright ball of light. Focus your intention on it and say, “I release and neutralize your energy” and then imagine the bright ball of light growing dimmer and dimmer until it goes out completely. Once it has been extinguished, don’t forget to thank The Universe for answering the call as well.

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