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There is one area in the paranormal realm that is still quite controversial and that is the subject of Paganism and witchcraft. "Stirring the Cauldron" with Marla Brooks mixes  Pagan into the paranormal with interesting and informative guests from both realms in order to help clear up misconceptions, remove the fear of the unknown and above all, celebrate our magickal world.

 From witches to paranormal investigators and authors, astrologers, parapsychologists, tarot readers, psychic mediums and everything in between, they all come join me for a little bit of cauldron stirring.

Featured Show Of the Week

The Way of the Water Priestess is a practical guide to the magical power of water and its resident spirits and how to use that magic for both self-empowerment and in the service of protector of water in all its forms. Written by the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, the book offers a guide to revive the ways of the water priestess—to make water sacred again. This is not a new practice; women have tended the sacred waters since antiquity. Readers of The Way of the Water Priestess will learn all the aspects of water magic: Historical and archeological information about rites and rituals, and women's role in relationship to water, the lore of water goddesses from various cultures around the world, how to form an intimate connection with water in all its forms, moon rituals, sacred bathing, and oracular and ritual arts, and how to become a sacred vessel of water and more. So much to cover in so little time, but after listening to the podcast, you'll never take water for granted again.

Recent Archived Shows

Here are just a few of the recently archived shows. If you click on any of these, you will be taken to the Podomatic podcast page. You can also go to the show's YouTube Channel where you will find many, many more.


Past Guests Include...

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Annwyn Avalon
Jordan Hoggard
Richard Senate
Willie Windwalker Gibson
Kathy Biehl
Amy Blackthorn
Jacki Smith & Patty Shaw
Fay Johnstone
Lawren Leo
David Wells
Judy Mastrangelo
Echo Bodine
Graham Phillips
Carl L. Johnson
James Annitto
Sasha Graham
TJ Perkins
Nicholas Pearson
Preston Dennett
Christopher Balzano
Tim Shaw
Barry & Connie Strohm
Hector Salva
Victoria Gross
Miss Aida
Von Braschler
willie windwalker gibson
Damh the Bard
Linda Raedisch
You can also find Linda on her Instagram page at instagram@lindaraedisch where you can find more on her crafts.
Scott Michaels
Jacki Smith
Lilith Dorsey
Steve Parsons
Ron Kolek
Philip Earl Johnson
Phoenix LeFae
Ellen Evert Hopman
Christopher Vasey
Prof. Nicholas Kingsley
Lon Milo DuQuette
Della Williamson
Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince
Dr. Jennifer Lamonica
Najah Lightfoot
Edith Mary Stanley
Greg Bakun
Paul Davids
A.P. Sylvia
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