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 Bright blessings to you and yours.

Here is your  Witch's Oracle card reading for this week.

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If, by chance, a card repeats two weeks in a row, it usually means  you haven't taken the message to heart and tried to resolve things in the manner it suggested the first time it showed up.

If this card resonates with you and you want to reinforce its meaning, place your finger on the card and recite the incantation written below. If you have the corresponding crystal/stone in your hand

as listed below, so much the better! 


In folklore, a hag was an ugly, old nightmare spirit, often seen as malevolent in nature but there are many varieties of hags.  She is also depicted as a kind of fairy, nature spirit or goddess who will shapeshift and appear in the form of a woman. As with the Crone, she can either be helpful or malicious. In many cases, she is known to be a Wise Woman.

The old adage, “With age comes wisdom” is the message of this card.  As we grow, we learn.  We mentally shapeshift into becoming the person we were destined to be. 

Those closest to you have been noticing this transformation in you in recent months and you’ve been feeling the change as well.  Embrace the new you.  Don’t be afraid to use the wisdom you have gained over the years to reinvent yourself, if need be, or to show yourself to others in a different light.

Incantation:  Changes come and changes go. With age comes wisdom, this we know. I will use that wisdom to grow and thrive, and once again to come alive.

Stone Correspondence: Hag Stone

Water-worn stones naturally pierced with holes are often called “hag stones.” Because they are shaped by the passage of time, they help you leverage your own time and experience in life to cultivate a deeper sense of wisdom. These humble stones are protective, and they help you petition the Goddess as the Crone for her aid.

Blessed Be


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