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The Stirring the Cauldron show pages are updated each week, there's a new weekly Oracle card reading every Monday here on the Home Page,  and one of my New Years resolutions is to blog more often.  Let's see how that goes!


 Bright blessings to you and yours.

Here is your  Witch's Oracle card reading for this week.

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If, by chance, a card repeats two weeks in a row, it usually means  you haven't taken the message to heart and tried to resolve things in the manner it suggested the first time it showed up.

If this card resonates with you and you want to reinforce its meaning, place your finger on the card and recite the incantation written below. If you have the corresponding crystal/stone in your hand

as listed below, so much the better! 


Traditionally, the moon warns of deceit, confusion, self-deception, fluctuating moods and uncertainty. The cycles of the moon are important to magickal workings and it is a time when magick is at its most potent and powerful.

During a full moon, everything will be magnified, both good and bad. It can be both viewed as a time of crisis as well as a time of opportunity. The full moon is symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire. 

In a reading, the full moon lets you know that now is the time to hone in on that clarity and use it to your benefit.  That which was once invisible or secret is coming to the surface and it’s important to now be aware of what’s been buried in the past. Pay attention to your dreams, your feelings and your hunches at this time.  Your psychic awareness and spirituality is now heightened.  Use it to your advantage.

Incantation:  I wish to see what was hidden before.  The time is right to open that door.  My power is strong and perception is keen. Allow the fates to now intervene.

Corresponding Crystal: Moonstone

Moonstone is the classic gem of lunar energies. It dispels illusion, boosts psychic senses, and connects you to the current of the Divine Feminine. Wear moonstone is you feel as if your spiritual power is compromised or the truth is hard to find.

Blessed Be


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