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Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  If  you've been here before, you know what you're looking for and if you're new to the site, take a few minutes and look around.  Things get changed  quite a bit from time to time, so please stop by every so often and see what's new.

The Stirring the Cauldron show pages are updated each week, there's a new weekly Oracle card reading every Monday here on the Home Page,  and one of my New Years resolutions is to blog more often.  Let's see how that goes!


 Bright blessings to you and yours.

Here is your  Witch's Oracle card reading for this week.

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If, by chance, a card repeats two weeks in a row, it usually means  you haven't taken the message to heart and tried to resolve things in the manner it suggested the first time it showed up.

If this card resonates with you and you want to reinforce its meaning, place your finger on the card and recite the incantation written below. If you have the corresponding crystal/stone in your hand

as listed below, so much the better! 


Hearts have always been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional and moral core of a human being and are most commonly used as symbols representing love which, as we all know, takes many forms.


The Celtic Heart is formed from one continuous line, representing the union of souls in a visual continuity, of continuing faith and love as one travels through the journey of life. As we journey through our daily lives, we sometimes take for granted, or pay no attention to the love the surrounds us. This includes love on the mundane level from family, spouses, children and friends, to the unconditional love of a pet, to the love we receive from our loved ones across the veil and the love the universe sends our way. 


Sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves of the blessings we receive every single day in the form of the love that gives us the strength to carry on, that warms our hearts and energizes us. Place this card over your heart chakra in the center of your chest. This is the love center of our human energy system. Draw its energy into you.


Incantation: The touch of a hand, the smile on a face, the twinkle of an eye, a loving embrace. These are the feelings that help make us thrive, the small acts of love which keep us alive.


Corresponding Stone: Rose Quartz

Often considered to be the “love stone,” rose quartz opens your hearts to experience more love in your lives each day. If you feel a dearth of love, connect to this pink gem to draw more love into your life.

Blessed Be


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