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  Merry Meet 

There's lots to see on this site so feel free to have a look around and come back often.


Every Monday on this page, there will be a Witch's Oracle Deck reading to let you know what the week has in store for you, and also on Mondays you will  find a new Spell of the Week.  After all, everyone needs a good spell once in a while.

This Week's Oracle Deck Reading  


The Witch's Pointy Hat, like the sorcerer's hat, was created as a pyramid - a shape which is known to raise energy frequencies.  It is said that The Witches' Hat has the power to increase intelligence. Which is why, as a "dunce cap," it came to be worn by people who were judged lacking in the brain department. 


The big circle brim symbolizes the magick circle, the tall pointy part represents the cone of power. The witches hat is traditionally black, symbolic of the Crone Goddess, the dark half of the year, and the occult mysteries.


This card indicates that at this time, your senses are heightened and you have the ability to tackle and solve those issues that have been nagging at you.  You will also be a magnet for those in need of advice and wise counsel.


Incantation:  Clear thinking is mine, a gift so divine. May all problems be solved and  glitches resolved. In the blink of an eye they’ll be left high and dry.


Corresponding Stone: Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone of wisdom; it augments psychic ability and opens the crown chakra. Work with this violet gem when you need heightened senses or are called to dole out sage advice.

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