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Merry Meet and Welcome 

Thank you for  stopping by.  If  you've been here before, you know what you're looking for and if you're new to the site, take a few minutes and look around.  Things get changed  quite a bit from time to time, so please pop over every so often and see what's new like the Cheap and Easy  reading for those who just need a quick one card draw. Click on the More link in the menu above and then click on Readings. 

Bright blessings to you and yours

Here is your  Witch's Oracle card reading for this week.

Come back every Monday for a new Weekly Reading

If, by chance, a card repeats two weeks in a row, it usually means  you haven't taken the message to heart and tried to resolve things in the manner it suggested the first time it showed up.

If this card resonates with you and you want to reinforce its meaning, place your finger on the card and recite the incantation written below. If you have the corresponding crystal/stone in your hand as listed below, so much the better! 



The Banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. The Banshee is sometimes linked with the mystical race Tuatha De'Dannan, from where the fairy folk are descended.

Banshees are heard more often than seen, wailing as they approaches an abode in the late evening or early hours of the morning. She will sometimes perch on a windowsill two to three hours or even days before an impending death. Banshees also wail around natural forms such as trees, rivers, and stones.

Although human death is inescapable, the foreknowledge of such an event does come with advantages.  This not only applies to the finality of death, but also to life in general.  The cry of the Banshee is a warning. There is an obstacle coming up that you will soon need to clear out of your way.  You already know what it is, but were hoping it would just go away.  It won’t. But knowing what’s ahead gives you a head start in taking care of it. Consider this card symbolic of the Banshee’s cry.  You have been warned and now you must respond.

Incantation: I heed the warning of the Banshee’s cry.  This problem I must nullify.  I have the foresight to see what’s ahead,  and to solve the problem before it’s widespread. 


Corresponding Stone: Bloodstone

Bloodstone promotes strength, protection, and courage. When a problem arises, consider carrying this gemstone to embolden you so you can tackle the scenario head-on.

Blessed Be

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