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Over the past decade, I've been lucky enough to have had lots of wonderful guests and topics on shows that are now just gathering dust in the vault.  It's  high time to resurrect some of the best Stirring The Cauldron episodes from long, long ago that most people haven't heard or have been long forgotten.   


Every Thursday Night I will be Quietly tiptoeing down this seemingly neverending corridor to the vault (don't want to wake the mischevious Pixies or the off duty trolls) and picking out a new show for the week. 

The Archive Show is on the hour before the Live Stirring The Cauldron show,  So listen in at on Thursday Nights if you can, and if you can't make it, you'll find the Podcasts here.

Featured Show of the Week 

As part of the Hemlock Horror Companion Series of Books, Witchcraft and Black Magic in British Cult Cinema, Ian White discusses the role of witchcraft and the occult in the cult classics of British horror cinema’s Golden Age. The rites and practices of pagan religions have always been a key component of the horror film and by examining the sources of classics such as Night of the Demon, The Devil Rides Out and The Wicker Man. We talked about many other classic films during the podcast as well, and anyone who either listens to the podcast or has seen any of the movies he talk about will agree with the comment that fact definitely is often more frightening than fiction.

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