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Creating and Working With Energy Balls

With the advent of modern technology, we can talk to our friends and loved ones in the blink of an eye all over the world, but sometimes we can’t physically be with them in person to comfort or help them in times of need and feel helpless because of it. But we can help in the metaphysical sense by working with Energy Balls.

The energy ball is one of the most basic forms of outside energy manipulation. They are not uncommon and have a multitude of purposes. They also have many names, like Chi Ball, Psi Ball, Reiki Ball, and the list goes on. Some of their most common uses are for healing, protection, spell casting, literally sending energy to someone or helping someone in need. Today we’re going to concentrate on distance healing and protection. So how does this work? First you need muster up your energy to create the ball itself.

Creating The Ball: The human body is electromagnetic and electrostatic energy, often called an auric field. We can make energy quite easily and this is one of the ways it can be achieved. Rub your hands together for a minute or two and notice that they get warm from the friction. To create an energy ball, once you feel that friction, cup your hands and very slowly pull them apart a few inches. Then just as slowly bring them a bit closer together and you will be able to actually feel the energy you’ve created in that space.

Others forego the rubbing of hands, and instead, place their palms close together, facing each other, and then slowly moving them apart about and then moving them towards each other again. They continue doing this until they feel a slight resistance, which is an indication of energy.

In both methods, you then begin to feel the energy, mold this energy into the shape of a ball with your cupped hands, as if you’re forming a ball of clay. As you’re doing it, in your mind’s eye, see this energy as a bright ball of light. Now it’s time to pick a color that matches your intentions.

Choosing the Appropriate Color for the Ball: Choose a color that fits the purpose of your energy ball, just as you would choose a candle color when practicing candle magick. For example:

White is for destruction of negative energy, peace, truth, purity higher self, peace and healing. Purple is for spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility, third eye psychic ability and hidden knowledge. Lavender is for intuition, the paranormal, peace and healing, Blue and Deep Blue works for meditation, healing, forgiveness, inspiration, fidelity, happiness, opening lines of communication, calm, good fortune and wisdom. Green is good for money, fertility, luck, abundance, growth, personal goals and health. Pink depicts positive self-love, friendship, harmony, caring, nurturing and joy. Yellow is for realizing and manifesting thoughts, to break mental blocks, memory, confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity and clairvoyance. Use Orange for joy, general success, legal matters, justice, energy, education, strength attraction and stimulation. Red stands for passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality, courage, strength, driving force and survival. Black is used for protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and it also repels negative energy from others. Brown will influence friendships and assists in special favors. Silver is for The Goddess or feminine energy, removes negativity, psychic development, astral energy dreams and intuition. Gold is good for solar energy, fortune, and spiritual attainment. Copper deals with professional growth, career maneuvers, money goals and a fertile business. The next step is the intention.

Intention: Now it’s time to focus your goal into the ball. Envision the person you will be sending the ball out to and any specific area of the body that requires healing, a general healing, or protection. Keep in mind that healing is not just in the physical body. Some people might need a shot of confidence, help with grief or sorrow or just need a feeling of well being at times. Don’t limit yourself to sending the ball to just the physical body.

Sending the Ball: I like to literally send the ball on its way, so when I’ve got the color and intention all set, I just push the energy ball away from my body and out of both my hands. (If it is meant for yourself, this is when you turn towards and push it into your own body.) At the same time, in my mind’s eye, I see it reaching the person it is intended for. If there is more than one area that needs healing, I see the ball split into as many balls as needed as it approaches the body and they enter all the areas that need taken care of. Some people I know say that when the energy balls find their way in, they give off a more radiant light as if to let the sender know that all was successful and that’s all there is to it. Creating, Intending and Sending!

Final thoughts: Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t work for you right off the bat. Like everything else, it takes a bit of practice, but it gets easier and more successful each time. Also remember that visualization and healing are best attempted when you are in a positive and relaxed frame of mind. Only do healing to those who are open to receiving it and give you their permission. And most importantly, any healing you send should not by any means be a substitute for professional medical care and advice.

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