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Creating and Working With A Manifestation Box

A Manifestation Box is a powerful Law of Attraction tool used to bring your desires to life. By using a manifestation box, you are sending an affirmation and intention to the universe. It works to bring your dreams into reality. The Law of Attraction states that energy flows, where attention goes. Like attracts like.

The creation of a Manifestation Box is simple. You choose a box, set an intention and place objects in the box that you wish to see manifest in your life. Choose any kind of box you desire. You can make one and decorate it to your liking or buy a box that catches your eye. Add pictures, sentimental objects, a wish written on a piece of paper, crystals, feathers, symbols, and anything else that you consider lucky or sacred. The idea is to fill the box with things that radiate the energy of your manifestations. These special items will amplify the energy within the box

You can use your Manifestation Box if you would like to manifest one certain element into your life or you can use it as an ongoing manifestation tool. Be specific. The main point is that you know exactly what you want to manifest. Once you make up your mind, the first thing you should put in the box in order to make a connection is a letter of intent to The Universe. The letter should be positive and uplifting. Do not come from a place of desperation and negativity. Instead, thank the universe for everything it has already done for you and thanks in advance for making your manifestations come true. If you send positive energy towards your intention, they will be more likely to come to life.

As you place each item in the box, envision that this intention has become a reality. There are times, just as in spell work, that what you are wishing for may not come true. This usually means that this is not the proper time for that to happen, or you’re wishing for something that may not be good for you in the long run. Remember, The Universe has your back and sometimes needs to step in and alter things for your own good.

There is no right or wrong was to use or make a Manifestation Box but the more you work with your box, the greater chance you have of receiving the universal blessings you deserve.

Always remember, Thoughts Become Things.

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