• Marla Brooks

A Magical Wave Goodbye to 2018

In a couple of short weeks, we will be ushering in 2019. This is the time of year when the old makes way for the new. That’s not always an easy thing to do because we tend to hang on to all that we have manifested in the past, whether we need to or not. Maybe that’s because we don’t know what will replace the things we should get rid of. Will we either be left with nothing or opening the door for something even worse?

The challenge is to decide what unnecessary baggage needs to be removed from our lives. The basic rule of thumb is that we should rid ourselves of things that are no longer of service to us, whether they be material objects cluttering up our closet or people and situations that are cluttering up our lives. Things can get so complicated that we don’t know which way to turn and we need clarity to set things straight.

Meditation is a good place to start. And it’s easy. Find a quiet place to sit and think. Anoint a white candle with essential oil. Some good choices would be Lavender (for balancing and emotional overload), Peppermint (for clear thinking and concentration), Frankincense ( for revitalizing and tranquility), Lemon (for removing confusion and indecision), Bergamot (which calms nervous tension) or Clary Sage (for clarity and grounding).

After the candle has been anointed, light it and take a couple of deep cleansing breaths then ask the Universe, your spirit guides, or whoever you call upon when you need help to offer you the wisdom necessary to make the decisions of what stays and what goes. Then sit back, close your eyes and just listen to your thoughts. Don’t question, second guess or dismiss the first things that come to mind. Even if you don’t like what you hear, trust your intuition as well as the information you will be given. It will serve you well.

You can let the candle burn down on it's own (if you're going to be home and keep an eye on it) or, blow the candle out when you’re done. I prefer to blow it out because I rub the candle smoke between my hands, then open them up with my palms facing the sky. This is an excellent way of releasing your intentions out into the Universe.

Once you are sure that you have let go of everything that was no longer of use, (and it might take more than one session with the candle), then it’s time to “sweep away” all the residual energies that might still be lingering. There are several ways to do this. Many will physically use sage, or a besom (witch’s broom) and incantation, but a very easy and effective way of cleansing and clearing is visualization. First, imagine that you’re in front of an open door and you're filling up a box with all the things you decided to let go of. When you’ve packed up everything that needs to go, close the box, and push it through the threshold of the doorway. Shut the door behind it, lock the door and throw away the key. Make those things gone for good.

Once that’s done, the atmosphere around you will feel so much lighter and you’ll be able to conjure up new hopes and dreams of good things to come in the New Year.

Blessed Be!

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