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  • Marla Brooks

Is Santa Really A Witch?

Santa Claus is a magical being who can accomplish truly wonderful things. Here are a few good reasons to suggest that he really might be “one of us.”

Instead of riding a broom, he uses a magical sleigh to fly through the air.

He lives among magical creatures, like elves, fairies and sprites.

Santa believes in equality. In his mind, everyone is equal. He gives to all, and the more he gives, the more he can give.

He can navigate without a GPS. It is said he uses a Magical Bell instead.

He loves and respects all animals. He takes wonderful care of the team of flying reindeer who pull his magical sleigh.

His Magical Hat allows him to do many things, including popping into a house to deliver presents, even if there is no chimney. If he used starch in his hat it would be a pointy hat, just like ours.

Santa never uses his powers for personal gain or to inflict harm. His magic is used for the greatest good.

Because his intentions are positive, there is nothing that can prevent him from accomplishing what is meant to be.

And finally, whenever he’s around, magic happens.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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