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June Bugs Don't Use Calendars

The month of June is known for many things. It is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage and the wife of the supreme deity Jupiter. That easily explains why there are so many June Brides.

In Southern California, we experience a phenomenon called June Gloom. It’s a term for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer. As I sit here under the air conditioner with the temperature outside having been in triple digits the past couple of weeks, I can safely say that we have completely bypassed June Gloom so far.

While June brides are lovely, and June gloom is tolerable, there is one aspect of June that I could do without. June Bugs! Especially in July!

These little creatures, member of the Scarab family are found all over North America and elsewhere. They hide 
in trees during the day and as adult beetles, they 
swarm in great numbers in early summer,
 usually at dark and are strongly attracted to light. I respect the fact that they were put on this planet for a reason, they aren’t dangerous, they don’t bite, but there are several adjectives that people use to describe them. Pesky, dumb and annoying being the most apt description. The reason for that is that they fly like they are drunk…and blind. In fact, the term “fly” doesn’t even really apply. They are bumbling, unstable aerialists who will invariably fly right into a wall or right at you without a second thought. If you don’t see them coming, it’s a rude awakening to have one of these hard-shelled beetles crash into your face. Someone once said that evolution gave them wings, but forgot to give them a sense of direction. They were right.

It seems they sometimes have odd habits. The bluish June Bug pictured above has been sitting on the kitchen table for 3 hours. It hasn’t moved. It’s not dead. It’s just sitting there, rather than hiding out in a tree waiting for the sun to go down. It's not bothered by people walking by or even having its picture taken. Maybe it had a hard night of crashing into things and is just having a snooze.

The other thing about these little critters is that they are turtle-like. Once on their backs, they don’t seem to be able to flip themselves upright. I was just outside and found this one in a glass flowerpot, on its back, and struggling to right him/herself. How it landed there on its back in the first place is food for thought. All that comes to mind is that it flew into the wall, knocked itself out for a second and landed on its back. The possibilities are limitless, but I flipped it over, tipped the pot and gave it it's freedom. Even though I’m not crazy about the little buggies, I do have enough empathy to save one. However, as I was setting it free, I couldn't help having visions of it doing a fly-by and smacking into my forehead sometime later this evening.

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