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Here is your  Witch's Oracle card reading for this week.

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If, by chance, a card repeats two weeks in a row, it usually means  you haven't taken the message to heart and tried to resolve things in the manner it suggested the first time it showed up.

If this card resonates with you and you want to reinforce its meaning, place your finger on the card and recite the incantation written below. If you have the corresponding crystal/stone in your hand as listed below, so much the better! 



Cauldrons in general are symbols of transmutation, germination and transformation. The belief that the cauldron symbolizes the womb of the Great Goddess arises from the concept that everything is born out of it and returns to it.  Cauldrons have held a magical significance in many cultures throughout the centuries, and still do. 


Cerridwen was an enchantress. Her cauldron is a familiar concept in many Pagan faiths and is considered to be the traditional source of inspiration, or Awen. Modern Pagans do make reference to her cauldron as the holder of all the secrets of the universe and the place where wisdom is brewed.


You’ve been standing over your cauldron for quite a while, stirring up new ideas. It’s now time to take the cauldron off the fire and put those ideas into good use.  Remember, stirring for too long over a high heat will evaporate its contents and all will be lost.

Incantation:  A pinch of this, a pinch of that, all mixed and blended  in the vat.  No need to get caught in the undertow. Ideas are in place and ready to go. 

Corresponding Stone: Geode

Geodes, hollow rocks lined with crystals, resemble cauldrons when split open. They help you incubate new ideas and invite you to witness the mysteries of transformation and transmutation. Meditate on a geode for inspired wisdom.

Blessed Be